E-CARPORTS with their simple modular system are specially developed for companies and private homes. The modules are assembled from leading manufacturers for solar technology, e.g. LG, Fronius, KEBA, ITEM.


Aluminium construction of the German company ITEM

Inverter of the company FRONIUS Symo 5.0.3-M WiFi

12 x Solar panels LG Neon 2 BiFicial

Intelligent electronic system SolarLog (optional)

Wallbox KEBA KeContact P30 (4m cable, WiFi/4g ME/RFID)

Connections to the internet


Measurement between the carport feet:
Length 3,9 m
Width 2,8 m
Height 2,3 m

Roof area: 24 m2
Roof pitch: 5°


LG NeON ® 2 BiFacial

LG NeON® 2 BiFacial is based on the well-known high-performance module LG NeON® 2.

Already on the front side, LG405N2T-J5 modules with 72 monocrystalline high-performance cells achieve a basic output of 405 Watt Peak (Wp). Thanks to the use of double surface cells and transparent film on the back, you can fully exploit the performance of LG NeON® 2 solar modules with CELLO technology. Thanks to the additional reinforcement on the back of the module (“Double Surface Bonus”), the overall performance of the LG NeON® 2 BiFacial module increases under optimal conditions.


With a power class from 3.0 to 20.0 kW, the Fronius Symo three-phase transformerless inverter is the perfect device for use in systems of all sizes.

Thanks to the SuperFlex Design construction, the Fronius Symo unit is ideal for curved roofs or roofs of various designs. A standard connection to the Internet via a WLAN or Ethernet interface and the easy integration of third-party components make the Fronius Symo one of the most “communicative” inverters on the market. In addition, the meter connection enables dynamic energy management and clear visualisation of consumption.


PV energy monitoring system for PV systems of all size.

The new revolutionary generation from Solar-Log combines intelligent functionality with greater flexibility for more efficient control, management and monitoring of PV plants. Together with the Solar-Log WEB Enerest-webportal the Solar-Log Base allows the ideal solution for monitoring interruption and power losses in PV-power stations.


The electric car charging station “KEBA KeContact P30” offers an optimal and above all fast possibility to charge an electric car.

The charging station is suitable not only for private rooms but also for semi-public areas. Thanks to the fast charging process, the availability and flexibility of the electric car remains at a constantly high level. The charging process takes about 1 hour (depending on the size of the battery and the charger of the electric car).


KeContact P30 is equipped with an RFID sensor and can be used for contactless user authorization with MIFARE cards or tags according to ISO14443.

It can be used by owners of electric vehicle fleets or employees with tolls at the workplace or where access to the charging station must be restricted.


The E-CARPORT charging station for electric cars is made of profiled aluminium elements fully certified by ITEM.

The mechanical strength and precision of the finish ensure the aesthetics and functionality of the entire structure. We have used only components from renowned world leaders in the photovoltaic industry, thanks to which we are sure that the E-CARPORTS we create will serve our customers for many years.


The German company based in Leonberg develops and produces mounting systems for photovoltaic devices.

These products are mainly made of stainless steel and aluminium, offering a suitable system for every type of installation, from the standard version to individual solutions.

ON-Grid, where the installation works together with your operator’s energy network. In this case, the energy store is the power grid that supplies the installation.
OFF-Grid, where the energy is applied in a separate power storage system, such as a battery.


  • Improvement of the image as an environmentally conscious company
  • Subsidy in the field of photovoltaic systems
  • Independent charging station for electric cars
  • Reduction of electricity costs and energy consumption
  • Covered and functional parking space for your car
  • Inexhaustible energy source


They have their own ecological charging station for electric cars, where you can be sure that the energy comes from the sun.

You have the possibility to increase the energy output and to supply your home or company with solar energy and thus be independent of the electricity provider.

Depending on the configuration, the investment should pay for itself after approx. 2 years and you can fill up your car free of charge.


Put together your dream carport yourself in just a few steps.